For more than 85 years, Hershey's International Inc. has solidified its position as a worldwide leader in wild American whitetail deer and wild American ginseng through its commitment to excellence. Hershey's was founded in 1929 in the rural countryside of Pennsylvania by Quincy Baird Hershey, Sr. In 1971, the responsibility for the family business transferred to the second generation, Quincy Baird Hershey, Jr. His son envisioned new and exciting possibilites for the future, while always maintaining a strict adherence to his father's founding principles of integrity, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic.

Since its foundation, the business has grown and prospered over the years as the company follows the market trends and continues to meet their customers' needs. Quincy Hershey, Jr.'s entrepreneurial spirit quickly transformed what was a small trading business into a leading international company with diverse areas of operation, expanding its presence in the international marketplace supplying some of the world's most exclusive brands in Italy, Germany, Latin America, India, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea.

Hershey's International Inc. continues to specialize in and focus its expertise on supplying the following products to companies worldwide: